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The food you eat and the beer you drink Tastes Better Local. Minnesota is home to everything from award-winning Twin Cities restaurants to perfect corner bars in one stoplight towns. They’re the spots that make your neighborhood thrive. They’re the spots where we get Surly. And they’re the spots getting whipsawed by the pandemic-driven economy. The bars and restaurants are either still closed or opening at reduced capacity, our own included. Distributors and liquor stores are doing their damnedest to keep up with demand. All of them need our support.

Order some takeout. Patronize your local liquor store on your supply runs. And be there when they can throw their doors open again (even if it’s at a socially safe distance). We want to lift a Surly to the barkeeps and the dishwashers, the truck drivers and the line cooks, the store clerks and the nurses. When they turn the lights back on, remember that everything #TastesBetterLocal.


Display your support with posters, signs, and social media graphics, all downloadable here. Yes, we have Zoom backgrounds.


Below you can find just some of the spots where we Get Surly. Some are currently doing takeout/delivery. Order from them! Some are gradually reopening or still hunkered down. Support them when you can! Some are your local liquor stores keeping their Surly stock fresh as hell. Make your supply run there!

Far from an exhaustive list, consider it more of a guide to places where you can put #TastesBetterLocal to work, and where we can all one day raise a glass of Furious. Together.

Want to have your local bar, restaurant, or liquor store added? Send us their info here.


If you’re supporting a local bar/restaurant/taproom/liquor store as we ride this out, tell people about it! Take a picture and put it on the ‘gram with the hashtag #tastesbetterlocal. Examples below. Think of it like a selfie, but for stimulating the local economy.

Strange times we’re living in. ...

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When theaudl is on foxsports, you watch some ultimate! ...

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This should be your view today.
Plenty of space available!
We’re open Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm and Friday-Sunday 12pm-9pm for Dine-In, Take Out, Curbside Pick Up and Delivery. Reservations online, walk-ins always available.

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Times are tough but family, friends, food and drink sure as shit make it easier. The best company possible provided by ashleywirigenterprises and Theo, much needed chats with dbloom810 and jesikabarvitski, a legendary margarita by bachmanalan (my dad), beautiful margarita mugs from studio_okok (my mom, shoot her a message if you need any pottery), beer from surlybrewing and food from centro_mpls. Stay safe, stay smart and stay healthy out there, it's going to take all of us to get to the other side. #tastesbetterlocal ...

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The beer you buy and the food you bring home will decide what breweries and restaurants will be here when this tough time passes. Until then, eat and drink local, support your neighbors and let’s share a pint down the road. .
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The world’s most iconic pairings:

Peanut butter + jelly

Grilled + cheese

Pizza + beer

We now offer 4- and 6- packs of local craft beer for takeaway! Add one to your next order. Your pizza thanks you! 🍕🍺🙏🏻 (Not available for delivery)
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It’s all about mccoysmn Mac & Cheese. Sometimes the right answer doesn’t even need a question. Hit me up today, and celebrate when life #tastesbetterlocal !! ...

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Thursday KFC sandwich, Spicoli, and a nice salad. Night off from cooking is going to be delicious #surlybrewing #tastesbetterlocal #supportlocalrestaurants #supportlocalbeer #eatgoodfood ...

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